A Poem for Winter

I’m a falling snowflake,
so tiny and so small.

I don’t seem to matter,
but to those who see me fall.

Some say we all just look alike
and groups us all as snow,

And some will see we change.
the farther on we go.

We’re hurried with the wind,
and brushed aside by some,

While others stop to see
the wonderment we’ve done.

And all too soon our journey,
it comes to an end,

But we’ve touched along the way,
loved ones, foes and friends.

I’ve seen tears and I’ve seen smiles,
heard laughter and heard pain,

And though not many noticed me,
I was there, just the same.

So when next you see a snowflake,
take time to look and smile,

Remember, each one of us a miracle,
each one of us worthwhile.

I could be an autumn breeze
or bird against the sky

But, I am just a snowflake,
… Or am I?

Written by a Former Resident of Lydia’s House