Lydia’s House Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Personal Advocacy

Our advocates work one-on-one with the residents to help them achieve their personal goals such as furthering their education, finding employment and gaining financial independence. The advocates offer support and resources that the women need to help them move on from the violent life they left behind.

Support Groups

Our support groups offer the women and children a safe space to discuss the issues and emotions they are dealing with due to domestic violence. Some topics addressed are “red flags,” safety plans, women’s health issues, and parenting techniques. Support groups are held once a week and thanks to the help of our volunteers we are able to provide childcare for residents.

Children’s Program

Our children’s program offers a number of services to the women and children of Lydia’s House. There is an after-school program for children 5 years and older, 4 days a week, in which the children can receive tutoring and one-on-one help with homework. Lydia’s House has a summer program for our children, in which the advocates take the children on different outings including swimming, the zoo, and go-cart racing. Our children’s advocates also work with the mothers on parenting skills and school issues.

Spiritual Support

The chaplain at Lydia’s House is available to offer spiritual support to the women and children. This may take place through individual conversations with the residents or through the spiritual support circles offered for women and teens. Spiritual support focuses on healing and nurture of the human spirit, making sense of life experience, and how we connect with our own selves and other humans. Spiritual support may or may not directly connect with organized religion depending on the individual views of each woman and child.

Community and Family Activities

Lydia’s House encourages the women and children to gather together as a community to offer support to one another. Every week the staff and residents come together for a community meal, which is donated by various churches and other organizations. We also have community outings once a month which have included picnics, hayrides and trips to the movies.

Housing Advocacy

Lydia’s House Advocates meet with residents to help complete short and long term housing goals.  The Advocates work with the residents regarding the condition of the apartments and to maintain a safe, clean living environment.  The advocate refers residents to the resources needed to find permanent, safe, and affordable housing.

Immigrant Support Services

Lydia’s House, at times, has a high population of immigrant and refugee women. These women often have additional needs that require extra support from our staff. These needs include getting immigration status, acquiring an education, learning English, adjusting to a new culture and building a life in a new country.


Lydia’s House encourages residents to take advantage of this transition time to work on counseling goals if they feel the need for such help.  Lydia’s House Advocates provide referrals to  agencies with services designed for children or adult survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Lydia’s Ladle

Lydia’s Ladle empowers and employs women that have been victimized by domestic violence. Through this opportunity, Lydia’s Ladle is able to provide Lydia’s House residents the opportunity to work in a safe environment free from the abuser and provides confidentially located employment. Lydia’s Ladle continues our mission at Lydia’s House by providing job opportunities, employment, job education and training from some of the best in the business.

In-House Medical Clinic

Lydia’s House Medical Clinic opened in 2017 providing well women’s care, sick care, infant and childcare, routine lab-work, including COVID testing, prevention education and vaccinations. It is now expanding in 2021 by providing additional clinic days, a women’s specialty care Nurse Practitioner, and a 24/7 pager access to our women’s medical needs.

Lydia’s House 25th Anniversary



Saturday, February 29, 2020  is a Night for Hope and Healing, the annual gala to benefit Lydia’s House. The event will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton-St. Louis Chesterfield. Festivities will be
As we celebrate this 25th year, we cannot say enough about all of our supporters, volunteers and donors.  So many churches and organizations and individuals have stepped up to help make Lydia’s House a reality, and to make sure the ministry continues to live and grow.  We have been served by dedicated staff and board members, and we appreciate their commitment to the organization and the many women and children who have passed through our doors.
Domestic violence is a tragic reality in our communities.  Thank goodness places like Lydia’s House continue to live on, places dedicated to being a “place of healing and a voice of hope for abused women and their children”.
We look forward to seeing everyone attending the gala.  We will eat and laugh and celebrate, while at the same time we will be raising hope, awareness and the funds needed to keep our mission and ministry alive.  Cheers to the next 25 years and beyond!

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