Fathers: Our First Teachers

Fathers, at times are our unsung heroes.  A real, present, accountable father is an immeasurable blessing in a child’s life. Most of us have heard of the statistics of fatherless homes.  Statistics like those from the U.S. Census Bureau that show children in fatherless homes are nearly four times more likely to be poor.  Of course, a child doesn’t just need a father, but a good father, a good man. A good father provides a stability and example that children carry with them throughout their lives.

The most important job a man can have is that of a father.  In that role he is one the first teacher who will help form who his children will become. Dad can be the first to teach his daughters about what a real man should be; how a good man treats a woman. It’s so important for men to understand how they can help change a culture of violence by first setting the example in front of their children.  When girls witness violence in their home it is often repeated in their own relationships when they reach adulthood.  However, the reverse is also true. Girls who grow up with a supportive father who they see handle conflict in a normal and healthy way tend to accept no less in their own romantic relationships.

Dad can also be the person who shows his sons an example of how to treat a woman, even in times of struggle. Boys look to their fathers for far more than how to catch a ball or swing a bat. They look to dad to set the tone for how a man interacts with a woman.  A responsible father can show his sons that even though you have the might, you do not have the right to put your hands on a woman in anger.  Fathers who are loving and supportive of their wives tend to produce sons who respect women as equals.

There are an abundance of amazing fathers who not only financially enrich their children but who inspire, teach and love their children every single day.

To those fathers, a priceless debt of gratitude is due.