Helping The Helpers

For nearly 23 years Lydia’s House has helped women and children move out of abusive relationships and into safety and self reliance. They have inspired countless numbers of women to invest in themselves and countless numbers of organizations to invest in the mission.

Many wonderful organizations, seeing the good work Lydia’s House does, are inspired to help them help others. Organizations aid Lydia’s House by organizing donations, food and clothing drives, auctions, etc.  But equally important, they lend their reputation and membership to the cause of Lydia’s House. They increase awareness of domestic violence by committing to put their entire company’s support behind our mission.

Lydia’s House exists because sometimes people need help helping themselves but we too rely on the support and help of others. The time, talents and treasures of various groups are invaluable in aiding Lydia’s House to provide life saving assistance to women every day.

Thank you to all volunteers, groups, organizations, individuals and businesses that have shown Lydia’s House support. With you, we are able to sustain and stand strong against adversity.