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Thank you to Rachel Budko and PEG Can Help for raising $10,000 for Lydia’s House! Thank you for spreading awareness and supporting Lydia’s House!

For more information about PEG Can Help, please contact events@pegcanhelp.com


Peggy Fleming and Dottie Watson were both victims of violence.

Peggy died on September 08, 2005 at the age of 47. Dottie died on September 14, 2005 at the age of 79. Peggy and Dottie were wonderful people, with very big hearts.  A mother and daughter who, in a time of need, would reach out to anyone or anything!

In their memory Peggy’s daughter Rachel started P.E.G. Can Help to help women break the cycle of violence in their lives and others.  Promote peace, responsibility, and healing in order to eliminate domestic violence and murders.

Every year, Rachel hosts a Golf Scramble with proceeds to benefit Lydia’s House.  “I see each time I volunteer {at Lydia’s House}, first hand, how your donations help the women and children in residence.  We feel so blessed that with your generosity we could help out such an amazing cause!” – Rachel Budko

To learn more about Peggy, Dottie and Peggy’s daughter Rachel, please visit their website HERE.

Rachel Budko talks with Belleville-News Democrat on her story HERE


In Memory of
Peggy Fleming

July 5, 1958 – Sept 8, 2005