Women’s History Month

March is “Women’s History Month”. Women have been a force of incredible strength and indomitable spirit for as long as time has existed.  But it is in the last century that the contributions of women have truly been thrust into the mainstream. We have built and rebuilt nations, we have been at the forefront of technology and research, we have shown resilience unparalleled in the world. Perhaps most importantly, as mothers we have been the first teachers to every person of influence in our world.

A part of what Lydia’s House gives to its residents is the potency of the history of women. We are more powerful and tenacious than the history books tell. Only a group of people who are tremendously industrious and determined could have made the strides women have made in this country in the last 100 years. From not having the right to vote at all to being integral parts of our country’s administration. From not being allowed a seat in the boardroom to sitting on a rocket headed toward space.

Throughout the world women are finding their voice and revolutionizing their lives together. We can do and be anything our minds can dream. This “Women’s History Month” reminds us that there are no obstacles that we cannot turn into stepping stones. Should we ever need inspiration we need only look a little ways back at how far we’ve come and we can draw from the courage and fortitude of those that came before.