What Do We Do?

Lydia’s House is the only transitional housing program in Eastern Missouri that is specifically for battered and abused women and their children and that offers immediate community.  We have 50 confidentially located, fully furnished apartments where our families can find refuge, safety and support.

In addition to offering secure housing, Lydia’s House provides each family with their own advocate to help guide them through the recovering process.   Each family member is connected to supportive services and both individual and group experiences that will help them regain control of their lives while building resources necessary for not only surviving, but thriving, in the wake of violence.

One of the strengths of Lydia’s House is our investment in the spiritual growth and healing of the women and children. Our approach to spirituality and “faith” is open and inclusive and is not limited to or directed by the credo of a single faith tradition.  Rather, our goal is to help women get in touch with their own unique spiritual self and to offer resources and practices that can help them to nurture and care for that spiritual self.  The open and inclusive atmosphere honors women wherever they are on their spiritual journey and allows them to choose whether or not their spiritual self is nurtured in connection with a particular faith tradition.

Video about Lydia’s House & an event we sponsored

Who Are We?

Lydia’s House is comprised of a 12 full-time and 5 part-time member staff, involved in:

  • Advocating for our clients
  • Spiritual Support
  • Children’s Program Coordination
  • Licensed Therapy
  • Maintenance and Facilities Support
  • Development, Outreach and Administrative Support





Lydia’s House has earned the highest, four-star rating from online charity evaluator, Charity Navigator!

For More Information:

Due to the confidential nature of our work, individual staff members’ names are not posted on our website.  Please contact us using the following addresses:

Volunteering: volunteer@lydiashouse.org

In-kind Donations: donations@lydiashouse.org

Tax credits and financial donations: finance@lydiashouse.org

Faith and spirituality: chaplain@lydiashouse.org

Pins by Lucinda: pinsales@lydiashouse.org

All other inquiries: info@lydiashouse.org