Hold a Fundraiser

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising party or organizing a special event to benefit the women and children of Lydia’s House, please contact us at (314) 771-4411, ext. 116 or email development@lydiashouse.org.

Whether it’s a small gathering in your home or a larger program in a public venue, your contribution is significant.  Fundraisers can be big or small.  Whether you want to do a bake sale at your workplace or a pizza party at your home, our team is here to provide support!


Ideas to Inspire!

  • If you have children, see if their class, girl/boy scout troop, youth group might operate a car wash, shovel snow/rake leaves as a service learning project.
  • Hold a benefit party at a local restaurant, bar, or nightclub where the business is willing to donate the cover charge for the evening to your organization. It’s a win-win situation since the business benefits from the sales of food and drink.
  • Spare change jar war—run a contest within a business or school to see who can collect the most change.
  • House party fundraisers
  • Workplace Bake Sales
  • Wine and Beer Tastings

If you would like to hold a fundraiser to benefit Lydia’s House, we can provide you with brochures, program information, and a speaker for your event. We would love to work with you to make your event a success! Please email at development@lydiashouse.org. Thank you for your support!